how to modify a 2 sided wire headphone to 1 sided wire headphone

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How to modify a 2 sided wire headphone to 1 sided wire headphone.

I’ve got this Sennheiser HD201 about 3 yrs + ago, and I really love the sound of it. And I have produced all of my tracks with this headphone. You can read about its specs here.

But after few years, signs of wear and tear occurred. First was the leathered cushion started to peal off, follow by the 3 meter long cable starting to crack.


Previously, I have shortened the cable since the cracked part is somewhere near the headphone, so I just opened up the headphone and shortened the cable. I have done this for the past 2 times, and this time I decided to totally replace a new cable.

In this tutorial I’m going to show u how to replace a 2 sided cable headphone to 1 sided cable headphone.

You will need:
– soldering gun
– solder
– a new 3.5mm audio jack either male to male or male to female, we will be using only 1 side of the male audio jack
– a mp3 player for testing
– pvc tape/wire tape
– lighter
– heat shrink
– screw driver
– pen knife

You will need some basic soldering skill also.
* do take extra care when using solder gun, and also working with pen knife.

Some explaination of how headphone wiring works.

Here’s the plan:
We would need to get the right channel of wire across the headband to the left side of the headphone cup, and fix a brand new audio jack cable from the left side of the cable.

First step is to remove the cushion form the headphone. You can simply pull it out of the headphone as it is clipped on.

There are 4 screws to be removed. Remove 4 of the screws and KEEP THE SCREWS IN A SAFE PLACE. It is very tiny, and you might lost it

This is how it looks like on the inside. Remove the wire from the cable. If you wanted to totally change all the wires you may need to separate the driver from the casing. But, it is glued tightly, and its very hard to remove. I didn’t remove the driver and solder the cables to the driver. Following picture is where I shortened the cable last time.

Now decide wehre you want the hole to be dig for me I decided to dig a whole at the red circle. And it was a wrong mistake until the end of the process where the green circle is a better place for wire to come out from the headphone cup

You will need to get the wire across from the right channel through the headband, so you have to remove the latches, and also the head cushion. *the screw size is different from the one just now, and you have to unscrew it in a 90 degree angle.


Put on some heatshrink to protect expose cables, use a lighter to heat the heat shrink and be extra careful not to over heat it!!! I accidentally over heat it and melted the cable.

Now cut the long cable from the original headphone cable, which it is going to be use across the headphone headband to the left cup. Please cut a very very long cable, 50cm would be great. You will find out why you need a long wire later.

Dig a hole on your headphone cup, do take some time to think bout where you wanted the hole to be place, otherwise it will be a pain trying to get the wires out from the cup. Refer to my pic above for the better location on the headphone cup to dig a hole at.

This is how its gonna look like after you get the wires out of the right cup. And this is a very difficult process for me as I cut the hole at the wrong place. Its very hard to slide the cable through the headphone cup.

Removing the left cup of the headphone with the step above, cut all the wires ready. And now it’s time to get the 3.5mm audio jack and remove 1 side of the cable. Cut 1 side of the cable. You will notice there are 3 wires in the cable. 1 would be GROUND, LEFT CHANNEL, and RIGHT CHANNEL.

Now its time to solder the wires together and all the wiring will be need to insert into the left cup of the headphone. So, make sure all the soldering and wiring should be done so that it could fit into the space of the cup of the headphone.

I realize that there is no specific standard coloring of wires to determine the left, right and ground channel, so you have to do testing of your headphone and make sure you solder on the correct wires. You may download this free audio kit I made for the testing of audio channel. Test the cables if you have solder the right channels together.

FREE Stereo Tester Kit by GYEO

Now tape all the soldered part so that the wires will not touch each other. Note that the red colored copper wire, is actually a thin layer of coated protection to allow both ground and channel wires to touch each other. If you find it hard to solder, do scrap off the colored copper with pen knife.

Heat shrink the parts so it stays together. If you do not wish to, it’s fine as well. Be extra careful when using heat shrink. Do not over heat, it will melt the original cables. You can practice first before you do the actually heat shrinking.

Do take note of this!!! Always remember to place your wires properly before you solder and seal off everything, for this case, I have actually forgot to cable the wire properly through the headband, and I have to actually cut the wires away and resolder again.

Here’s a picture of the placing of cables in the cup. It will be slightly cramp inside but, still thankfully it’s quite spacious inside the headphone.

Here is the reason why you need to have long cable over the head band. Notice that the cable was TOO SHORT!!!! I actually measured the cables over the headband nicely and out of expectation, it actually not long enough when I needed some length inside the headphone cup that I never thought of it.

So the only way i can do is to cut the middle of the wire, and add extra wires to it. Because the cushion part of the headband is less spacious, I took 1 of the wires from the original headphone and strip off its rubber leaving the naked copper cables.

Solder to the parts of the cut wires, and remember to tape the solder area. After than I just fold the wires and use pvc tape to tape them in the headband, underneath the cushion.

Now that the wiring is done, its time to wrap up by resemble back all the parts together. Remember to always perform a

Finally, everything is DONE, and here is the out come of the 2 sided cable become 1 sided cable headphone modification. I’m very satisfied with my DIY, and it took me about 4 hours to totally figure out the whole thing. If you think spending 4 hours is not worthy, you can just go ahead and buy a brand new headphone. But, I really do like the feeling of having things fixed by myself.


Thank you for reading this and I hope you all find this tutorial useful. Leave some comment below if you have any questions. I have to be specific here that I’m a total amateur in this, and I may not be able to answer all your questions.

*I shall hold no responsibility if you damaged your personal property by following the tutorial above. This tutorial is solely for sharing purposes.